The DAVOS Product Range

Davos IVR Server

This base structural module for intelligent handling of incoming calls (SIP/ISDN/PBX) is a powerful tool for the creation of specific custom structures such as an automatic operator, voice and fax mail, phone order systems, conference calls, and so on. The module provides a perfect overview of current operations on all phone interfaces. An intuitive GUI for script creation allows this product to be used for a broad spectrum of users.

Davos ACD Server

This call center module makes it possible to immediately improve customer service quality using connected operators. The solution was designed to be able to cover different tasks on a common platform. The product can be used to connect to a client and contact history database, creating a basic CRM system. The ClientPhone application can be integrated with third-party products and then adapted to the specific requirements of individual customers.


Davos Dialer

This module supports call center operators by providing automatic calling of imported contacts, thus providing significant time savings. Pre-configured calling tasks with various parameters can be assigned to groups of operators for high call productivity. The server monitors the status of contacts, uses customizable predictive dialing, and provides automatic detection of results for contacts called by the server.

Davos WebForm

This IIS project is smoothly integrated with other Davos modules and offers simple form template creation, which as “popup” events then support user calling and allow call-related data to be acquired easily. If the customer does not require integration with his own IS/CRM system, when combined with the WebForm module the Davos Call Center solution offers comprehensive incoming order processing with simple call contact import and with distinct data output in applications from completed call tasks.


Davos Observer

A professional recording system for digital storage of important phone and radio conversations. Adapters make it possible to create recording systems for analogue and digital lines. Most PBX brands currently in use are also supported. Network applications allow users to listen in on communication in real time, play back calls, and search the recorded call database including an optional web interface using mp3 compression of recorded calls. More information »

Davos UM Server

Connection of additional integrated communication channels that are then routed to call centre operators. Alternative request queues can be integrated into the existing solution, which are ranked according to their priorities among standard call queues and then taken by operators. The module can accept emails, SMS messages, incoming fax requests, and web communication (chat). Overall integration with the IVR/ACD Server is easy and transparent, with identical graphic design.


Davos Call Center Android

An application that turns a smartphone or tablet into a mobile call center for active telemarketing. Create your own campaigns, including a form with predefined questions for clients. All calls made can be evaluated to then define a strategy for subsequent attempts (call again at a certain time, place on a black list, etc.). Call results are then displayed in easy-to-understand statistics. It is easy and intuitive to use: all you need to do is import a list of contacts or use the phone’s address book, and the application will take care of the rest. More information »

Intelligent Process Management Systems

We design, deliver, install, and support intelligent process management for industrial and home use. Contact us for more information »