Lease Services

Do you need to take calls in a professional manner, launch telemarketing or provide your clients with emergency lines? Davos will help you quickly.


Virtual Office

DAVOS offers a comprehensive multilevel IVR menu with supplementary services such as import of custom voice messages and music while on hold, an endless answering machine that will send messages and call information via email, SMS notification of incoming calls, transfer to field workers, fax reception via email, and many others.

Call Center

AVOS can be an effective call center that fully utilizes the potential of operators. Intelligent front-end service and advanced campaign administration along with a predictive dialer will ensure you get the most from your orders. Operators can also work remotely (for example from home). Complete call data including detailed statistics are of course included.


DAVOS guarantees a high degree of reliability, where every incoming call is quickly dispatched according to your scenario and the call is safely recorded. Incoming calls can be immediately and easily redirected to field workers, who can then quickly react to the client’s needs, allowing you to provide sophisticated and high-quality services.

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One Corporate Solution

DAVOS is capable of connecting to most external applications and solutions. Along with incoming calls, you can see the client’s entire call and activity history (past orders, how many times he called in the past, and why) including his detailed identification. Based on this information, you can choose different response scenarios based on his importance or classification.


Business Models

Standalone Project

The Davos application, including a standalone server, can be acquired directly from CTI Software as part of a comprehensive project. CTI will perform all implementation work and train responsible individuals designated by the client, who then uses the software for his own needs. CTI Software also ensures subsequent technical support based on a service contract.

Obchodní model 1

The Client As The Lessor

The client acquired Davos software in order to lease supplementary phone services to end customers. CTI Software takes complete care of the system, and the client can thus concentrate just on selling services. This version is also suitable for system integrators who offer the system to their customers as part of their projects.

Obchodní model 2

CTI Software As The Lessor

CTI Software offers services on the Davos platform directly as part of a cloud solution. All hardware and software is thus owned by CTI Software, and the clients pay only for the packages of services they want to use. This version has the advantage of quick service activation for a low monthly fee.

Obchodní model 3


Davos Packages

CTI Software offers three Davos package versions so the client can lease only the functions he truly needs.

DAVOS IVR / CONTACT CENTER Starter Professional Enterprise
Price per line / operator ask for quote
Multi-level IVR menu
Unlimited incoming calls
Optional messages and music on hold
Endless answering machine
SMS call notification  
White / black list  
Call redirection to external numbers  
Call recording  
Export of archived recordings    
IVR editor    
PBX functions    
Call Center      
Active and passive telemarketing
Definable campaign scripts
Call task import
Call prioritization
Permissions and role groups
Detailed statistics
Remote operators
Predictive dialer  
Call planning  
Web forms  
Listen in  
Call evaluation (form)  
Automatic report generation    
UM queues (emails, faxes, SMS, chat)    
Integration with third-party applications