Davos Matrix – Your IoT solution



Do you need to protect harvested timber? Do you want to know who penetrates into your forest? DAVOS Matrix provides monitoring of forests or other outdoor environments where it helps to secure your property. A small sensor inside a pile of logs immediately detects any manipulation with the timber. The sensor also measures the temperature, thus drawing attention to a fire. A hidden infrared gateway detects the passage of a truck. In all these cases you are immediately alarmed on your mobile device. More information »

Vodní hladiny

Water levels

Floods can come very quickly, therefore monitoring of water levels is crucial. Our small wireless sensor, that can easily be mounted or hung in the canal or under the bridge, monitors the water level and lets you know about any important changes. You will receive the alarm on your mobile via an automated phone call or an SMS message. The sensor can also be used for flow control in fish hatcheries, or in wells, tanks and sumps. More information »

Stavební stroje

Heavy machinery

The value of most heavy machines and construction equipment is huge. Theft or misuse of such devices is quite painful. DAVOS Matrix allows you to keep an eye on these machines. Any movement of the parked loader or an excavator is immediately reported to your portable device. Additionally, you can track the movement within a pre-defined perimeter, where the machine must not leave the delimited area. A management web interface provides a comprehensive history of events and alarms. More information »



Do you want to sleep more peacefully? DAVOS Matrix helps you to guard your immovable property. Excluding the acquisition of expensive control panel, you can use a small wireless sensor to monitor the opening of the entry doors or windows. The technology used is unlike GSM signal almost completely immune to interference, so the alarm is foolproof. The module can also be added to existing security systems as the last guaranteed alarm in the case of other mechanisms failure. More information »

Bezpečnostní složky

Security agencies

Do you have a problem with security employees who do not patrol conscientiously? DAVOS Matrix will solve it. Wireless sensors hidden in the check points on the way indicate whether the worker has passed that point in the specified time. If not so, the operational center or person in charge is immediately alerted via a phone call or an SMS. A management web interface provides a comprehensive history of events and alarms. More information »

Ochrana pracovníků

Protection of workers

Human life is precious. Any increase of the protection of your employees, who operate in potentially dangerous terrain, is highly desirable. DAVOS Matrix allows using wireless sensors monitoring of vital signs as well as the detection of dangerous and explosive gases. The sensor also detects the fall of a man to the ground because of a serious injury. In all these cases an alarm is immediately sent to the operation center or the incident commander. More information »